About Us

AMB is the UK’s leading on-demand beauty marketplace to browse and book local professionals. Their mission is to provide first-class services to beauty lovers through a quick online booking system that efficiently secures and sends beauty experts to their desired locations. AMB connects beauty professionals to customers.

The Problem

The beauty industry is a large and hugely fragmented market that hasn’t had a digital upgrade yet and is stuck in the past. Also, with the new normal today, the on-demand public is looking for at-home services, and all industries are doing it now except the beauty industry. In addition to that, there is no marketplace for the industry like AMB that has the opportunity to change the industry but essentially reshapes the way that consumers interact with the market.


The Solution

AMB aims to empower the self-employed by creating the first beauty marketplace whose main focus is the huge untouched market of freelancers. AMB also caters to home and salon-based self-employed professionals. Make an on-demand beauty app/website that is necessary according to the ‘McKinsey 2021 report’. Sighting that e-commerce has accelerated ten years in just ten weeks during 2020. And change the way that consumers interact with the beauty market where the pandemic has effected a shift in customer behavior with more people retreating to their home for their work, purchases, and now beauty and wellness treatments.

Target Market and Opportunity

AMB maintains a strong USP by driving innovation in a traditional industry by focusing on freelance experts, at-home services and their audience of the busy beauty lover such as Busy CEO, Stay At Home Parents and the Trend-Setting Millenials.


Competition And Advantages

The UK’s first & largest platform that gives the opportunity to tackle an untouched market.

No other platform provides knowledge on the supplier before booking and has limited choice. We have a range of services in any location for any budget.

AMB has more suppliers than SECRET SPA, BLOW LTD & URBAN combined.

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