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Protecting employees and organisations from sexual harassment, discrimination, abuse or aggression in real time and anonymously.


Investment highlights

Software is developed.

Tight, experienced team.

A clear product roadmap.

Clear goal and plan.

Good analysis and market research.

Early adopter beta customers.

Growing pipeline of interested prospects.

Vision and value proposition


Do you protect the 15% of employees from unreported cases of cyber Discrimination or Harassment that cost between $30k-$70k each?

Do you protect the 15% of employees from unreported cases of cyber Discrimination or Harassment that cost between $30k-$70k each?

The Problem

Unreported accounts of sexual or racial harassment, discrimination, cyber bullying, abuse & aggression on company computers occurs to 15% of US employees yearly. This costs US companies avg. $30k – $70k USD per victim.
Not just legal repercussions but, productivity, absenteeism, employee turnover and the destruction of the company name and value.

Target Market and Opportunity

There are passive training courses, and anonymous hotlines, who can take care of the revealed harassment/discrimination cases, but there are no systems today that can pinpoint the risks in the 73% of hidden virtual harassment or discrimination cases.
These are the ones that make up the majority of the financial loss to an organization, that destroy its reputation and most harm the victim.


The Solution

AutomaticPROTECT is a risk management system that uses AI to pinpoint hidden cases of company cyber harassment, discrimination, abuse, and aggression in order to concurrently protect employee & company reputation.
Additionally the system will give management an indication of its need to adapt the compliance policy & training procedures to ensure the company is healthy.

Business Model

Monthly payment per employee protected


Traction and Validation

After countless iterations of design and user interviews, we launched a successful beta in September 2020 with 300 organically gained users. We recently re-launched and have hit 1000+ users and nearly 200 meetups.


We have dozens of companies interested and ready to take on the tool.


currently installing and testing beta sites

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