About Us

Buraqstore is a multibrand fashion store with a aim of providing 100% original brand products to customers.

Investment highlights

We are looking for $50k investment inexchange of 10% equity

According to our projected forecast of next 3 years this investment will return 108X in next 3 years.

Vision and value proposition

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Our company value proposition is that we want to deliver unique customer experience by validating quality & also offer exclusive discount to make them our permanent customer.Company vision is to sell our products globally and become a unicorn in next 5 years.

The Problem

When customer is searching online and customer not want to trust new fashion brands due to quality concerns and bad experience.

Target Market and Opportunity

There is a total of $3.83B ecommerce market of fashion in Pakistan and fashion is the largest segment of ecommerce in Pakistan & contribute 69% of its revenue of ecommerce in Pakistan and total ecommerce customers is around 28M.

The Solution

Buraqstore is an online marketplace for multiple authentic fashion brands where brands can register their self and boost their sales and where customer can shop without the quality concern.

Business Model

We charge 17-30% MRP.

Traction and Validation

We invested only $300 and start this startup and generate a revenue of $4000 in first year and secure more than 12X in first year.

Marketing and Sales Strategy

We focus in SEO but social media ads compaign boost our sale upto 1000X and also focus in customer retention by providing unique customer experience.

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