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What is Drexler Music?

Drexler has now developed its long awaited MVP which has been getting a lot of public traction for the last few months. The advisory board of the company includes names such as Sinitta Malone and Scott Page (from Pink Floyd) as they are believed to be leading the future of media.


Technology is allowing more people to play with the musical process.


YouTube, music video games, music iPhone applications. These are all ways for people to get involved, often with little or no skill. As technology gets better, it can do even more to produce music for people.


It isn’t so much that they will create great music. It will be enough that they feel they have done something worth sharing.


Still, there is no platform in the marketplace the allows the user to become a music creator/producer/promoter without the requirement of a musical background/experience.


Innovation in the music industry has saved it from a rapid decline, both in distribution (streaming platforms like Spotify and Soundcloud) as with music production applications (Reason, FL Studio, Appleton live, Logic Pro) that allows musicians to create music without the high overheads as to skip the label middleman to create an open music environment.

Drexler Music

From a super easy way to create music step by step with a loop based system publishing it in a social ecosystem as to take part in a gamified experience where you promote yours or someone else’s music in a roleplaying fashion, we aim to democratize music and make it available to everyone.

The Problem

Music is much more than sound but a way to communicate how we dress, talk and feel. Music platforms are complex and require you to have a musical background. There is no platform out there that combines and simplifies the process of creating and publishing music in a social ecosystem. There is no platform available for the millennial user to get instant gratification from his musical taste and abilities in a quote on quote, musical ecosystem.

The Solution?

A gamified social media experience where you create your own music and avatars based on your musical preferences, interact with other users by trying to maximize your potential within the platform in a role playing fashion, that is you take on several roles known within the music industry as you try to promote your music or someone else´s music.

The Market?

Drexler can be positioned between games, music, celebrity culture, social media, and the E-content industry. It targets a formerly untouched area within the industry. Drexler’s approach to the music industry can be best described as a music production system with a social media backend.

The global music production software market is expected to grow to USD 6.26 billion by the end of the period 2018-2022, from USD 2.12 billion in 2017, according to the latest market research report by Technavio.

The Offering Including Valuation

How much money do we need?




Equity 12.5%


Pre Money-valuation: £ 2,000,000


Post Money Valuation: £ 2,250,000




First Round Funding






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