What is Einee?

Einee is an EdTech app that teaches and inspires children 6-14. It allows them to talk to famous real life characters like Einstein and Cleopatra. Einee is in both highly educational and highly playful. It was launched in January 2018.

Einee - Talk to Einstein

Parents need to know that Einee – Talk to Einstein is a tongue-in-cheek opportunity to “chat” with at least six different historical and/or political figures: Einstein, Cleopatra, Marilyn Monroe, Leonardo da Vinci, Napoleon, and Donald Trump.


The problem?

Most apps that are made for children 6-14 fit in one of two spaces: focused on play, very little educational value; or, focused on education, and very little play and thus not fun. And so, kids obviously choose to use apps which are fun but offer very little educational value, think Candy Crush and Temple Run. A lack of suitable educational apps that kids are willing to use in their free time is a concern for both parents and teachers. This is where Einee comes in.

The solution?

Our play-first educational app, Einee has found a sweet middle ground, it’s both educational and fun for kids to use. Einee allows children to talk to Einstein, Cleopatra, Leonardo Da Vinci, and more. After being in the market for just one year, it has achieved the following statistics (In the UK and US):

Einee is in the top 40 apps for kids 9-11

It is in the top 800 education apps

It is rated 4.8/5 stars based on 1,634 ratings

It receives ~4000 monthly downloads

Source: AppAnnie (2020)

Einee plants seeds of inspiration and knowledge into children’s minds without them even realising it. The kids are so focused on collecting coins, trophies, and making the characters perform goofy emotions that they barely realise that the app is educational.


Einee is owned by ROUND RABBIT LTD and Einee is the trading name for ROUND RABBIT LTD and there will be no other trading names, subsidiary companies, or other projects being undertaken by ROUND RABBIT LTD, apart from Einee for foreseeable future.

What makes you different?

What makes Einee different is that it places itself in the sweet zone of being educational whilst looking and feeling like a game. Children are able to spend hours chatting to the characters, collecting trophies and other awards, making the characters do goofy emotions and sounds, all whilst soaking up seeds of inspiration and knowledge.

The market/competition

The market

We have two customer segments, parents and children, in the US.

Our users are children 6-14. The customers are either parents of the 6-14 Y/Os who buy in-app purchases (coins) so that their children can unlock more characters, or the customers are the children themselves who watch children-approved ads in the app to receive extra coins.

Parents in US (of children 6-14)

Market size: 36.7 million

Source: https://datacenter.kidscount.org/data/tables/101-child-population-by-age-group (multiplied by 9/7 to adjust from 6-12 to 6-14)

Total US market size: 61.2 million


Einee doesn't have direct competitors. The concept of chatting to Einstein and other famous characters is new. There are a number of indirect competitors that target our demographic, however. As mentioned earlier, the market currently consists of apps that are either very educational, or very playful. The three companies developing apps that come closest to being both educational and playful are:

Originator Inc. (apps: Endless Reader, Endless Numbers)

Tinybop (apps: Mammals, Simple Machines, The Human Body)

Toca Boca (apps: Toca Mystery House, Toca Life: Office)

(see chart of some of the indirect competitors below)


Originator Inc. develops apps that are clearly meant to be educational (learning to read, learning maths, etc). They attempt to keep things playful, but it isn’t the kinds of apps that kids will spend great amounts of time on since children would rather play than learn during their playtime.

Tinybop develops some fantastic apps that help children discover the inner workings of mammals, machines, human bodies. But, their apps are usually played out after just an hour or two due to their lack of content per app. 

Toca Boca is a wildly successful company creating engaging children’s apps like Toca Mystery House and Toca Life: Office. Most of their apps are interactive dollhouses that children, particularly girls, like to play with. Children spend a good amount of time in the apps, but the apps offer little educational value. Whilst kids like the apps and spend a lot of time in them, there is no selling point of them to teachers or parents.

The offering including valuation

At the end of Y3, Einee is forecasted to generate £340k/month revenue.

Raising: £75k + £150k top up (Instant Investments) afterwards

Post-Money Valuation: £1,350,000

Round Rabbit Ltd



UK, 18 March 2020



Startup, SEIS approved

Previous Funding





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