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What is Seecceed?

Seecceed is a disruptive job board and social networking platform designed to provide job seekers, employers and recruiters innovate approaches to apply for jobs and find new talent. Revolutionising the job market in the growing digital economy.

The platform adds new ways to self-promote, attract, match and communicate with job seekers, employers and recruiters, providing a personalised job search experience beyond a written CV, where people hire people.




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The Problem?

Could video interviewing be the future of recruitment?

While recruitment has and always will be about people, technology is changing the way we hire, with video interviewing the latest tool tipped to become the future of recruitment.

Outdated Written CV:
The traditional process of recruiting is very vague, where employers are shortlisting applicants based on a piece of paper. Selecting an applicant based on what is written on a CV can be deceiving, which is why the current method is becoming very old fashioned. When looking at written CVs, applicants write what employers want to hear and unfortunately, it’s difficult to see the individual as a person.


Broken ATS System:
The applicant tracking system (ATS) can be unreliable because it runs on algorithms, the system prompts employers and recruiters to look at written CVs which have the right keywords and content, and this could be extremely deceiving and make bad decisions. ATS systems can miss the gems in job seekers where skill sets, attitude and cultural fit are also important factors to finding the right person.


Growing Generation Z Population:
Generation Z individuals are getting into the job market, which means advanced technology and automation are going to be used moving forward in the growing digital economy. As technology is becoming more prominent, recruitment is going to change and the written CV will be ‘dead’ in 10 years.

The Solution?

The future of recruitment starts with Seecceed:


Introducing video CV, the new way to hand in a CV for a job application. The primary reason why video CV is crucial because it shows the applicant’s professionalism and creativity. We live in a day and age where creativity and professionalism are appreciated, and if applicants can do something different to stand out from the competition, a video CV will allow them to showcase their emotions and personality, which will make the employer’s decision efficient.


Generation Z individuals are known for electronics and futuristic technology, greatly increasing the possibility of using video CV much more than the written CV.


AI technology is becoming very prominent and will have the ability to read different types of personalities and analyse if an applicant is a good match for the company, there will be a time when written CVs won’t work at all.


Seecceed enables to have a closer look into job seekers and employers.

What makes you different?

Video CV:
Job seekers can express personality visually to attract employers and recruiters.


Job Match Score AI:
Suggest precise keywords to job seekers using content from vacancies, reducing guesswork to optimise job seeker’s profile and be searchable based on employers’ keywords.


Direct instant communication with job seekers, employers and recruiters on the app, making it easier than ever to get in touch including phone and video call.


Find to Apply:
Attractive ways for job seekers to apply for jobs, from ‘video CV to apply’, ‘swipe to apply’ and ‘add to basket apply’.


Search AI:
Search algorithm which explores the most promising combination terms, finding associated keywords when searching job positions and descriptions for better job search results.


Digital Profile:
Full profile creation of engaging content from videos, photos, social feed to portfolio for job seekers and employers to best showcase talent and company culture for free, without paying a premium.


Visual Reviews:
Quality review system featuring easy submission of videos and photos, whether for a job seeker reference or company staff experience, giving feedback a human touch.


Employer Talent Pool:
Build a following of interested job seekers to send engaging company updates, one step closer for a job seeker to know company developments and be first to apply with interest.

The market

£1.3 billion+
The job board market value in the UK from vacancies advertised in 2019.
*Total Available Market (TAM)


7,385,000 From January to November 2019, estimated number of vacancies in the UK.


2,000 Estimated number of job boards in the UK.


18 Most popular job advertising sites based on desktop research.


£175 Average online job post advert.


£72.2 million Estimated number of vacancies among popular job boards in the UK.
*Serviceable Available Market (SAM)


£650,000 Equal share of job market value against estimated number of job boards in the UK.
*Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM)

The Offering Including Valuation

Investment: £175K


Equity deal: 20%


Valuation: £700K


Investment will support the company’s productivity, growth and future success. This includes full application development and maximising marketing.


Founder personal investment of £10K.


Average £35K to fully develop app and website outside of the UK.





First Round Funding


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