About Us

Exoditi aims to become a well established and trusted brand, best known for differentiated products, exceptional and irresistible gifting and a unique fragrance portfolio with the use of innovative technology. Inspired by Greek Mythology, Exoditi uses technology and innovative techniques to transform consumers’ moods, elevate feelings, and instil key memorable moments in their life. Exoditi’s purpose is to improve customers’ well-being through the power of scent.

The Problem

We recognise that e-commerce purchases have increased since COVID-19, making it difficult for consumers to interact and purchase scented products. Many brands offer the same off the shelf experience, and very limited fragrance brands tell a story and focus on the consumers’ mental health and well-being, especially during the pandemic. The fragrance that other brands offer is not made for all genders, so there is no inclusivity. Not only that, but also those existing products contain too many artificial ingredients and are not sustainable.

The Solution

We are introducing innovative ways for consumers to experience and interact with fragrance via our online-focused boutique. Offering customers a luxury buying experience, including fragrance profiling sessions. Each of our scents has been created to tell a story, improve customers’ mental health, and boost emotions by incorporating specially selected oils proven to enhance well-being. We designed each scent to adapt to the wearers’ skin and the environment to improve their well-being and motivation while making it inclusive for everyone. We used natural ingredients and reduced the artificial components we use in our products: a 100% sustainable, plastic-free, and eco-friendly brand.

Business Model

Exoditi’s business model is a D2C model.

Allowing seamless transactions between the manufacturer and the consumer.

Target Market and Opportunity

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Our customers will be ABC1 females aged 21 to 45 living in the UK who fall into the average ratio of 85% female to 15% male. Our brand meets the problems experienced by our target demographics, Younger users manage to rely on technology, and our brand will be heavily online-focused with the future plans to introduce smart scented devices. Our brand also concentrates on mental well being which is now more important than ever.

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