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What is Flexa?

Flexa is a compendium of flexible jobs and flexible companies.

What makes you different (and defensible)?

We are the only platform that focuses on flexible working – the most in demand employee benefit. With over 90% of people looking for more flexibility in their next role, we were amazed that there is nowhere to go to find out where to find flexibility! We only work with forward-thinking companies that offer flexible working environments and we verify every company that we partner with, something that the traditional job boards just cannot do.

The Problem?

The way we work is changing rapidly. Candidates are demanding far more from prospective employers, particularly in the area of work-life balance. Increasingly, the ability to work flexibly is becoming the key driver in whether a job vacancy gets attention.

However, the market is broken. Trying to find flexibility as a full-time candidate is a brutal experience, and there is nowhere for companies to use their flexibility to attract the best talent.

The solution?

That’s why we’ve built Flexa: a compendium of flexible jobs and flexible companies. The site focuses exclusively on full-time flexible jobs, by only working with companies that offer truly flexible roles – either in location, hours or both. People aren’t just looking for a job, they’re looking to improve their quality of life, but until now there has been nowhere to go to find the information that allows them to do that. Flexa is the only job platform that has a purpose behind it – to help candidates find work that works for them.

The market?

The total UK recruitment market size is c.£35bn and we estimate the flexible element of the market to be c.£2bn. If there are 3.3m vacancies in one year, and 63% of those are flexible, then there are 2.1m flexible vacancies per year. Each of these vacancies costs a company £857 on average. Therefore we estimate the flexible market at £1.8bn and growing quickly.

The offering including valuation

We have been totally self-funded in order to prove traction through Beta, and we are confident that the demand is there, we just need to raise awareness of Flexa. We are now seeking £100,000 for 6% of the business to do this. The funds will be used to grow our B2C marketing presence, hire a B2B sales lead, and develop our product further.

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Our web portal is designed to enable accountants to calculate tax returns and manage tax administration processes in a way that is effective, efficient and accurate. In addition, the software facilitates compliance with HMRC’s Making Tax Digital rules.

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