About Us

Looped is a circular platform promoting emerging and established upcycled designers, connecting them with brands, materials and collaborators as they bring a new vision to the industry. By upcycling or making use of already existing materials and garments to reduce textile waste, Looped aims to revolutionise the way that the fashion industry views and consumes waste.

The Problem

An estimated 100 billion pieces of clothing are produced each year, yet less than 1% of this is recycled into new clothing. This continuous mass production causes a negative impact on our environment. Not only that but the lack of a platform that specifically features the growing number of upcycle designers makes it hard for them to stand out on oversaturated resale platforms.

Traction and Validation

With Looped, You can expect great momentum as the business grows.

Our financial growth plan includes an expected gross profit of £150,605 in year one and up to £1,122,214 by year three.

Target Market and Opportunity

Upcycling is not exclusive to a single demographic. Looped is for fashion-forward consumers, who value unique designs. It is for the next generation of sustainably conscious consumers who are passionate about fashion, style and creativity but not at the expense of the planet.

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The Solution

With Looped, we reuse and recycle all materials, minimising waste and pollution and regenerating the environment in a circular model. We want to fill the market gap for a sustainable, e-commerce or peer-to-peer platform that focuses on upcycled fashion, making it easier for upcycle designers to showcase their creations. Our designers will provide customers with unique, high quality, upcycled garments.

Business Model


Seamless transactions between the designers and the consumers.


Facilitates the collaboration between brands and designers.


Diversified revenue stream with manufacturing partnerships and subscriptions.

Marketing and Sales Strategy

Looped has developed a diverse marketing strategy consisting of an omnichannel approach designed to engage, educate and inspire. This includes storytelling, as it allows us to communicate with our community in a genuine and organic way.

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