About Us

ONBORD aims to own the onboarding space.


Investment highlights

£1 million of funding from the Birch family who co-founded bebo

Vision and value proposition


To be the Stripe of KYC by giving bank level checks and screening to all businesses.

To be the Stripe of KYC by giving bank level checks and screening to all businesses.

The Problem

Onboarding is nearly always done manually, involving rekeying data, mailing sensitive data and completing outdated pdf forms. A tiny number of firms have built an in-house digital solution but this is costly, inefficient and quickly deprecated. 99% of firms can’t afford to do this. To date, all any business could really do was try and cobble together a solution with as much tech know-how and budget as they could muster or ignore the problem.Not just legal repercussions but, productivity, absenteeism, employee turnover and the destruction of the company name and value.

Target Market and Opportunity

All regulated businesses particularly ones that deal with business and individuals plus all businesses that provide trade credit or lend.These are the ones that make up the majority of the financial loss to an organization, that destroy its reputation and most harm the victim.


The Solution

Onbord is a one-stop-shop solution.Additionally the system will give management an indication of its need to adapt the compliance policy & training procedures to ensure the company is healthy.

Business Model

SaaS model – no upfront cost, no minimum usage, pay per use on a monthly basis. £10 per individual, £40 per business.


Traction and Validation


Paying clients in a number of verticals who will testify to its value

Marketing and Sales Strategy

LinkedIn targeting lead generation. Referrals. Conferences (when it is allowed again)


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