About Us

We are the World’s Only Company to have successfully developed 100% Natural, Safe and Healthy/ Functional Colas as an alternative to Coke and Pepsi and other path-breaking functional beverages in our R&D in the USA. We plan to launch in 15 Countries in the first five years of operation.

Investment Highlights

We at EnVigor Beverages Pvt Ltd are proud to submit that we are the World’s only beverage company to have developed formulations for 100% Natural Safe & Functional Colas as an alternative to Coke& Pepsi.

Vision and Value Proposition


To Create Healthy, Natural and Tasty Beverages & Food Products in line with Emerging Consumer needs.

We draw our philosophy from the Celtic Tree of life, which denotes Nature, Life Source, Strength & Wisdom.

Providing a dynamic portfolio of Excellent products which are Innovative, highly respected, and the best preparation for a future full of safety, health and happiness.


Anticipating and responding to consumers requirements and exceeding their expectations.

To Create Healthy, Natural and Tasty Beverages & Food Products in line with Emerging Consumer needs.

We draw our philosophy from the Celtic Tree of life, which denotes Nature, Life Source, Strength & Wisdom.

Providing a dynamic portfolio of Excellent products which are Innovative, highly respected, and the best preparation for a future full of safety, health and happiness.


Anticipating and responding to consumers requirements and exceeding their expectations.

The Problem

The following key knowledge points explain the harmful nature of current Carbonated Soft Drinks, especially Colas which contribute to 54% of the Cola category (like Coke and Pepsi):

  • Fertilizer & Pesticide content in both brands brought to notice by Media and NGOs resulted in consumers weaning away from the products, especially children and shifting to fruit-based or dairy-based beverages. However, the switch does not offer the same taste, flavour, and refreshing nature as Colas, and the calorie output is higher.
    High-calorie content is still a problem, even with alternative products such as fruit juices or pulp-based products.
  • Subsequent research and studies reveal the content of Phosphoric Acid used for tangy taste, which is multiple times more harmful than pesticides. Serious health problems have been affecting consumers due to the above ingredient, such as erosion of teeth enamel, corrosion of gastric lining in the stomach, Osteoporosis of bones due to reduction in bone density and other significant ailments such as obesity Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
  • Sodium Benzoate used as a preservative in Colas of both brands -releases Benzene, a highly carcinogenic substance when in action with Ascorbic Acid (commonly known as Vitamin C), which is consumed in our daily diet every day. Benzene is the same compound released in the lungs from the Tar deposited in while smoking, leading to cancer; thus, drinking Colas like Coke/ Pepsi can have the same adverse effects as smoking.
  • Cane Sugar – very high in calories and leads to obesity and blood sugar.
  • Aspartame in zero-calorie Colas poses numerous health hazards, with some being Blindness, Deafness, Psychological, and Neurotic problems.

Target Market and Opportunity

The carbonated soft drink industry is valued at $823 billion Worldwide and $10 billion in India.


The health hazard from Carbonated soft drinks, especially Colas, is widely known and rationalized as the most harmful of the entire beverages in the CSD category, contributing to almost 54% of the beverages category.


We conducted a Consumer Survey across 24 metropolitans, mini metropolitans & cities.


A sample size of 500 in each city of consumers of CSD resulted in 68% voting for an alternative to the adverse health colas such as Coke, Pepsi & Others.


Surveys by other independent agencies worldwide have also resulted in such opinions from consumers and want for safe and healthy alternates.


The loyalty to market leader brands is purely due to liking to taste & lifestyle.


The continued consumption was due to a lack of safe alternatives from a credible stable and knowledge of the poisonous ingredients.


Understanding & information of health damage from existing brands/ products was minimal and restricted to pesticide & high-calorie cane sugar in most beverages leading to obesity.


We asked the consumer if they could buy an alternate Cola beverage other than the present market-leading brands. The results were pleasantly surprising where 68% of them said they would be willing to try out a new Cola beverage though Caveats of Very High Expectancy were expressed such as : Taste to match the market leaders has been an age old habit.


Lifestyle/Pedigree (A product with an American origin was seen as more luxurious, credible, and trustworthy ) Refreshing Nature Safety from toxic ingredients and Health benefits if possible.


The survey was an excellent sign for us to move forward with a clear vision and a structured Blueprint.


Thus, an Alternate Product / Brand offering Safety & Functionality is desired in the Cola category, which is non-existent Worldwide.


The Solution

We plan to provide an alternative to these poisonous/harmful products with a wide range of soft/functional drink ranges: Health plus, 100% Natural, safe, and minimal in calories.

Our products satisfy the lifestyle statement, the wide flavour range, and the price point premium (for value) over existing products for value recognition.

Made from our proprietary formulas and embedded patents to be filed in due course makes our products world-class in quality with certification from the World’s top agencies from the US and World over such as FDA, KOSHER, Halal & plan to acquire FOSHU the World’s best certification for food & beverages thus enabling us not only with credence for the best quality of ingredients & safety in India but worldwide markets whenever we enter foreign markets.
Thus the primary need is satisfied along with the alternate for safety, Health, natural sources of ingredients.

Business Model

The Soft Drink Supply Chain
Manufacturing soft drink is a multi-step process and involves several steps before it reaches the consumer’s hand. Most soft drinks undergo a similar life cycle, beginning at the syrup producer, bottler, distributor (if necessary), merchant, and the final consumer. Each component is as important as the next to ensure the CSD is produced and packaged correctly.

Making Bottled CSDs
CSDs usually vary in their syrup recipe at the start of the manufacturing process. Raw materials such as flavours, chemicals, and sweeteners are mixed at different percentages to create a unique drink for the brand. Interestingly, around 94% of the soft drink comprises carbonated water, thus making it a vital component of the glass.
Revenue Model & Networking
How do we plan to make money?

  • Short Term – Mix of Direct Retailing & Franchising
  • Two bottling units (North & South India) which would be our pilot for
    North & South India.
  • Franchise Partners for the rest of India, which would encompass bottling
    and distribution, of which 15 – 20 would be in major markets (Urban &
    Semi-Urban areas)
  • Expanding to smaller markets would be through sub-franchising.
  • Franchise fee and royalty from syrup sale to the franchise would be the
    revenue churner.
  • Long term Vision – The Company targets a 5% Market Share in 5 years
    (Urban & Semi-Urban Markets ).
  • Expansion to other countries like Brazil, Mexico, Argentine, Germany,
    USA, UAE, Japan would depend on investments. However, we are already talking to more than 15 prospective franchise partners across the USA, Africa, Asia & Europe and the Middle East.
  • Overseas operation through Master Franchise Partnerships for
    market chunks demarcated based on volume and potential.

Traction and Validation

The best Tasting Cola -Blind Taste Consumer Survey across 24 cities with our basic formulation of Cola for validation of taste acceptance and gratification levels. This was the most important caveat in our consumer survey. We compared our Cola to the three leading market leaders in Cola (Coke, Pepsi, and Thums Up); our product, i.e. Voila, was the best tasting beverage by getting 37% of the winning vote as the best Cola.
Our Tangibles – 100% Natural Ingredients, Safety from all Carcinogenic & Poisonous Ingredients, Functional ingredients such as Fiber, Amino Acids, Calcium, Immunity building ingredients and many more make our products the correct option and choice for consumers over the competition.
We are at a Final Shovel ready prototype stage and planning to go into the market soon.

Marketing and Sales Strategy

Mktg & Sales Strategy


  • Our Brand Communication – Differentiation in Category.
    – We would NOT pitch against Coke & Pepsi but Create a New Category of Colas –The Healthy, Safe & 100% Natural Colas customized for consumers who seek safer and healthier products.
    This helps us avoid any clash with the Titans, and we manage to creep in and get our footprint which we can convert to traction.
  • Only Urban and Semi-Urban markets to be Catered to in First Stage for initial Footprint and Traction – Literacy levels being higher it is easy to communicate. We can have targeted communication towards a niche audience with digital media penetration.
  • The products to be priced 30-40 % premium over Coke and Pepsi. Quality, Health and safety come at a price as Technology and Ingredients are superior. (Survey results say that Consumers Ready & Willing to pay for a Higher Price for a Healthy & Safe alternate Cola). We stand to exploit the common sentiment of the consumer –” If it’s Expensive – It has to be better.”
    The premium price point also helps manage and garner premium shelf space with retailers and appointments of Distributors as the competition has reduced margins to wafer-thin. Thus, we get preference for our product display by retailers and focus by distributors in everyday players.
  • The First MOVER ADVANTAGE – The Functional Beverage Industry World Wide has burgeoned to 208 B USD. We would be the Pioneer in the World market to be the First Full-Fledged Functional Beverage Company with Unique, one of its Kind Products such as Functional colas, which contributes to 54 % of the Beverage Market. Other niche Functional beverages shall carve out volumes from the rest of the bandwidth.


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