About Us

Shake is a contact data exchange and management app platform which finally addresses the
gap in truly digitizing our business and personal contact exchanges far more

Investment Highlights

Raised 200,000USD to date.

Vision and Value Proposition


To be the default platform for contact exchange

To be the default platform for contact exchange

The Problem

Contact data exchange is outdated and data management is an ongoing problem for business people and companies alike. A truly digital solution is long overdue. Shake finally solves these problems delivering higher productivity, sustainability, cost savings and true data ownership.

Target Market and Opportunity

Global for all companies and business people.


The Solution

Fully digitizing the printed business card for exchange and management delivering dynamic data for ease of access and management.

Business Model

Pay per use.


Traction and Validation

80 enterprises onboarded for launch from Asia, the US, Australia and the UK.

Marketing and Sales Strategy

Direct enterprise sales initially.



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