GoKo Travels is an award-winning specialist travel company dedicated to providing travellers with access to sustainable travel options, including immersive adventure holidays, conservation projects, eco-lodges, villas/hotels and high-end getaways. All our escapes are sold to preserve biodiversity, conserve wildlife, and empower native communities worldwide.


By travelling with GoKo Travels, not only is every trip carbon balanced as standard, but we also donate 3% of every sale to our charity, GoKo Earth Preservation. The GoKo Earth Preservation directly funds projects and provides assets that have the real ability to protect our oceans, preserve threatened habitats and safeguard endangered species across the globe.

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  • An Award-Winning Travel Agency 2022
  • £11k revenue generated in the last 21 days
  • Will Be Featured in National Geographic Magazine June Edition 2022
  • Partnered With the Worlds-Leading Hotel Suppliers, DMCs and Charities
  • As Featured in The Mirror, Irish Independent & Holiday Pirates

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Target Market and Opportunity

1. The global luxury travel market size is valued at over $900+ billion, and despite the idea of ‘sustainably luxury’ still being in its infancy stages, the evolution of luxury travel is moving towards ‘conscious luxury’ fast.


2. The luxury hotel industry is one of the fastest-growing parts of the hospitality industry. As such, it is predicted that over the next ten years, the growth rate in outbound luxury trips would be 6.2%, almost a third greater than overall travel(4.8%).


3. Booking.com’s 2019 Sustainable Travel Report found that 70% of global travellers would be more likely to book a holiday knowing it was eco-friendly.

The Solution

Today where almost anything is available at the click of a button, luxury is becoming less about material objects and more about memories and experiences. It’s about careful craftsmanship, unique cultures, untamed landscapes, and going slow. With globalisation heavily integrated into our everyday lives, people have an evident vision of how they want to live their lives and the experiences they seek to bring them closer to fulfilling their vision.


By obsessing over service, quality, and authenticity and incorporating it with the growing desire to travel more sustainably, GoKo can tap into a market that needs a modern twist. Our passion for curating tailor-made itineraries is already here. Therefore, to meet our sustainability initiatives, we have partnered with some of the industry’s leading charities. Through these partnerships, GoKo can:


1. Support the purchase of our very own GoKo Rainforest reserve, preserving biodiversity and protecting endangered species in the world’s most important habitat.


2. Defend, conserve, and protect the future of our oceans and marine wildlife from illegal exploitation and habitat destruction.


3. Help create new national parks, support local economies, empower native communities, and put healthy landscapes into permanent protection

Business Model

We generate most of our revenue through the agency model, where each booking incurs a commission.

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