About Us

Studeo’s mission is to democratise elite learning by providing a range of tools and methods that will help students develop the key skills needed to open doors to top universities.

Traction and Validation

Our app has been built from frequent feedback sessions from over target users on our videos, helping us develop what we are offering

We take these insights and explore if it could be utilised in app form through rigorous discussions.

We take all these together into one cohesive learning tool, optimised for both learning and engagement.

The Problem

We recognize that many disadvantaged students cannot afford elite tutoring. This makes excellence in sciences unattainable to most students. Covid lock-downs have also worsened the inequality gap.

Target Market and Opportunity

We initially target 15-18 year-old groups studying different levels of Mathematics. Once we’ve completed the Math program, we add Physics, Chemistry, and Biology content. We extend the target to preparatory classes and to lower secondary pupils. They can find Studeo from different social media platforms and outlets.

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The Solution

We aim to bring excellence to everyone by digitalising elite tutoring through video learning and gamification, thereby breaking down existing physical and financial barriers. We want to restore the pride and joy of learning and pave the way to enter top universities, making it possible to reach the top for anyone putting in the effort. Our super tutors have a track record of propelling students into top universities like Cambridge and Oxford.

Business Model

Studeo features a freemium business model with annuity income as customers can choose between two options.

One has an expected recurring revenue of £30/£60 per month for ongoing learning subscription.

Another option involves punctual revenue with £5 for our Test Rescue revision preparation.

This is for those who have an urgent need for revision for any upcoming exam.

Marketing and Sales Strategy

Studeo’s initial focus is on B2C to ensure early adoption from both parents and students. This includes digital marketing, advertisements on social networks, and advocacy. Then proceed to B2G and B2B once it comes to scale. This involves association with schools and local authorities, leading up to corporations and AMEX/British Airways.

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Our team of supertutors

Founding team showcases complementary experience

Our investors shared our vision and trusted us to execute it

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