About Us

TopCar’s Mission is to innovate the consumer’s journey and set the trend for a genuine, all digital marketplace in the automotive industry. In this day and age, data has shown that most people are comfortable ordering and obtaining products online. Therefore, we aim to provide the same convenience towards purchasing cars through the same means. We want to revolutionize the way automobile purchases are done today by allowing a seamless journey from vehicle browsing to at-home delivery.

Investment Highlights

Compared to other forms of car sales platforms or independent car dealers.


TopCar has an edge with our flexibility and competitive vehicle rates and prices.


We also aim to aggregate dealers’ stock for larger vehicle selection while providing better offers not found elsewhere.

Vision and Value Proposition


After onboarding approximately 8% of the UK client base and 20,000+ used cars on the website while also establishing partnerships with well known companies such as Spidersnet and AutoTrader, we look forward to continuing onboarding more dealers and stock onto the platform for the optimal customer service. We also aim to launch TopCar’s first digital marketing campaign that will look to drive up traffic and increase exposure, all while providing sales and dealer/customer interaction within the company’s revenue streams.

The Problem

Many car dealers today are beginning to look to make transitions when it comes to selling cars to consumers. This is to adapt to the current trend of automotive retail sales to take place online. Not only that but most customers aren’t willing to go out and visit car dealerships as much as they used to.


Target Market and Opportunity


Ongoing trends right now include digital ad spending and the rising popularity of e-commerce. This will allow digital market room growth to grow from £1.5B to £47.6B.

The Solution

With TopCar, we provide the means for people to find their dream cars through online transactions. Not only that, but it removes the need to be physically present at retail dealerships. We aim to get ahead of where the future of car sales is going and anticipate vehicle e-commerce.

Marketing and Sales Strategy

TopCar looks to be cost-effective in the market by understanding the market setting and providing services not found in the competition. This can include having a Direct Digital Sales Channel, directly communicating with prospective buyers, and advance filtration as well as research technology. With all this in mind, while also taking into account automotive market behavior, forecasted ARPR could go up to £600.


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