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What is Flair Football?


Flair Football is a mobile app for kids who play football that allows them to track their performances and prepare for upcoming matches. Flair’s mission is to make every young football player feel like a pro. Our ultimate aim is to become the global, digital platform for the next generation of sportsperson. The app is currently available in the UK and Ireland.


High Lights

Grown active userbase from an average of 400 MAUs last season to a peak of over 8000 MAUs this season.

Consistently ranked in the top 50 of the App Store with almost no spend on marketing, peaking as high as number 10.

Over 50k followers across our main and regional Instagram accounts

Winner of George Farha New Venture Award 2017

An alumnus of Sport Tech Hub (London’s first sports-tech incubator)

Flair has raised £750,000 to-date.

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Flair is the must-have app for football players. Create your own player profile, build up your Transfer Value, see the details for your upcoming fixture, and track your stats by posting match reports


Seven Questions with Nii Cleland

He is also co-founder of Flair, a football app that he started with three friends and the support of UCL Innovation and Enterprise.

The Problem?

For the everyday young football player, tracking performance is very challenging. Most youth games are not recorded, so there is no way to review footage of your own performance. Equally, league websites often only show goalscoring statistics, which mainly caters towards attacking players.


Preparing for matches is also often cumbersome, as the fixture information on league websites is often out-of-date and the websites are not user-friendly.

The solution?


Players use Flair for 2 main jobs:

1) To keep track of Past Performances

Each player has their own Transfer Value, which rises after receiving "praise" from teammates for specific attributes. This allows players to track their improvement, independent of their position on the field

Players can easily track their stats (goals, assists, appearances, clean sheets), through posting match reports after games. Photos/videos can also be posted and stored on the profile

2) To prepare for Upcoming Matches

Teams can enter and view all the need-to-know information for their upcoming fixture, in one easy-to-access place: fixture date/time, opponent, who's attending, kit colour, home or away

Over time, Flair will help players in other aspects of match preparation e.g. knowing the opponent's league position, and who their star player is

However, to let players fully achieve these jobs, we know that we will need to turn Flair into a platform that integrates with other stakeholders in the football industry. For example, wearable manufacturers help players track data, such as distance run and speed.

What makes you different?


Our biggest differentiator is that we serve the everyday football player. because we ourselves were those players, so resonated with their problems. Most of the products in our market serve the football fan, the coaches and leagues, or aspiring footballers aiming to play professionally. This means that the needs of the everyday football player have been underserved.

The Market

265 million play football at least once a month globally and 60% of those are under 18. Our initial target market is the UK – currently 3.2 million boys and girls aged 5-21 play football each week, and participation is growing year-on-year. Over time, we plan to build a platform that is also valuable to the remaining 1.7 million boys and girls in the UK who play football less frequently. However, in the future our goal is to expand overseas and eventually to other sports. The USA is one of many candidates for growth – youth sports is currently a $15.5 billion dollar market in the USA, and participation in soccer is 30 times higher now than it was just 40 years ago.

The offering including valuation

Flair recently launched a round of up to £1m at a £4.5m pre-money valuation (with EIS advanced assurance). Thus far, £190,000 has been committed from existing and new investors. We arrived at our valuation as we successfully raised £500k at a £3.5m pre-money in our seed round that launched in 2018 and have scaled our userbase and improved the product significantly since that round. We’ve also seen a competitor called PlayerHunter successfully raise at a higher valuation (£5.7m pre-money) – they had 80,000 registered users mainly in Eastern Europe at the time (which is a far less valuable userbase) and their product isn’t as advanced as Flair’s.


UK, 02 March 2017



Startup, EIS approved

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