Welcome to TrendScout

Based in London, TrendScout specialise in the government initiatives of the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) as well as the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS). Our job bridges the gap between the potential investor and a profitable business idea. Open only to high net worth and sophisticated investors, these tax investment programmes were developed and introduced by the government to help stimulate the UK economy.

How It Works

TrendScout conduct due diligence to allow private investors to capitalise on high growth opportunities, investing in ambitious EIS approved ventures that have the potential to grow on to become larger and highly successful.

This scheme has great benefits for both the investor and smaller flourishing companies who in turn can develop much needed funding to continue evolving their business. TrendScout rigorously review a large number of EIS approved companies that need to raise finances and have high growth potential. Our process allows us to narrow down to only a handful of EIS approved companies that have shown considerable promise as well as providing a valuable and tax efficient idea for the investor to consider.

Our job is to then get in contact with potential investors who we believe are best suited to the company acting as an introducing agent.