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Still, we feel it’s our responsibility to remind you that investing in startups involves a high level of risk. As such, we recommend you also take the time to conduct your due diligence before investing.


Visit our Capital at Risk page to learn more about the potential risks of investing in startups.



Tutoring4You connects students to tutors in an ecosystem of eLearning built on gamification and generative AI….

£1,500,000 Target

£200,000 Raised

£15,000 Minimum



GnosisX is at the forefront of revolutionizing video software, curating unparalleled solutions…

£150,000 Target

£75,000 Minimum

AgriSynth Ltd.

AgriSynth Ltd

AgriSynth ( is a UK company with a global vision. We specialise in….

£250,000 Target

£50,000 Raised

£10,000 Minimum

No Impunity Hero Image

No Impunity

No Impunity is a platform that merges litigation finance with ESG goals, enabling investments…

£1,600,000 Target

£10,000 Minimum

Vidi Energy.hero image

Vidi Energy

Vidi Energy aims to produce ready-to-float offshore wind turbines using mass-production techniques and believes …

£4,000,000 Target

£25,000 Minimum

Counsl.hero image


At Counsl, we’re creating a complete marketplace for businesses to find and connect…

£500,000 Target

£50,000 Raised

£25,000 Minimum


hellofriday Limited

Hellofriday, a next-generation HRM platform that empowers HR Managers and business leaders..

£250,000 Target

£50,000 Minimum

EstSet.hero image


EstSet is a marketplace that leverages the outreach of 30M beauty influencers via social media to generate revenue.

£550,000 Target

£25,000 Minimum

Amino.hero image


Amino is a mission-driven digital nutrition brand looking to expose the unique healing power of amino acids…

£270,000 Target

£270,000 Overfunded



TutorStream is an established online education platform that empowers students from all backgrounds….

£210,000 Target

£50,000 Raised

£5,000 Minimum

Zzinga.2hero image

Zzinga Drinks Ltd

At Zzinga we aim to build the most inspiring honey drink brand in the world while supporting our lovely bees.

£300,000 Target

£50,000 Raised

£10,000 Minimum

Colligea. hero image


Collegia is building the UK’s SME em bedded finance ecosystem. Collegia is the free, digital and sustainable …

£1,000,000 Target

£150,000 Raised

£20,000 Minimum

TradrLab.hero image


TradrLab is revolutionising the way retail traders analyse and backtest their trading strategies.

£425,000 Target

£200,000 Raised

£10,000 Minimum

Late Space hero image

Late Space

Late Space is the new app that lets customers see every appointment available right now and for the next 72hrs.

£525,000 Target

£250,000 Raised

£10,000 Minimum



RefermyJobs is a job board that makes recruitment more affordable for small businesses.

£100,000 Target

£5,000 Minimum

The Other Saint.image

The Other Saint

The Other Saint is effective in its performance yet kind in its environmental impact.

£375,000 Target

£10,000 Minimum



Kanopi is a sustainability platform that helps green consumers discover the best commerce offers…

£100,000 Target

£10,000 Minimum hero image

At, we aim to create a future-ready self-sustaining ups-killed Human Capital, accustomed to function amidst the immersive technologies, equipped with Green skills..

£3,000,000 Target

Cahootz hero-image


Cahootz seeks To make investing in real estate easy, transparent, and available to everyone…

£350,000 Target

£175,000 Raised

£10,000 Minimum


Groubook empowers you to simplify group bookings by providing personalised packages, unique deals and split payments to make getting together effortless.

£1,250,000 Target

£20,000 Minimum


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Investing in a startup involves risk, including loss of capital, lack of liquidity and dividends, and dilution, and should be done only as a part of a diversified portfolio. Please read our Capital at Risk Warning before investing. Please note that investments should be made by investors who understand and accept these risks, and tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and is subject to change at any time.


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