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About Us

Beresford Lounge aims to become an anchor point for the art and business community in Glasgow. By offering all day meals, providing tasty and healthy dishes, and providing space for people to enjoy live music and nightlife entertainment, Beresford Lounge looks to become the number one place to go for a great time!

Traction and Validation

Here at Bereford Lounge, you can expect great momentum as the business grows.


Our financial growth plan includes an expected gross profit of £2,575 in year one and up to £6,439 by year three


Not only that, but valuation is expected to go up to £500,000 in the third year by investing at least £100k, with more valuation if investments go up to a £1M.

Vision and Value Proposition


Beresford Lounge has a financial growth plan that consists of opening our bar, cafe, and restaurant by Summer 2021. By the end of the first year, estimated valuation will be at £4,930,000. By the end of the third year, we look to have an estimated valuation of around £20M!

The Problem

Nowadays, Glasgow has become neglected as a historical landmark. A part of this is due to a struggling creative industry. Not only that, but people are missing out on connection and socialising especially as we’re still working on getting out of current global circumstances.


Target Market and Opportunity


Beresford Lounge is the go-to spot for those looking for class and high-quality British food. It’s also the best place for those looking to jam and enjoy different genres of music such as Pop, Rap, Jazz, Blues, and Soul Music. If you’re looking to meet new and different kinds of people, it’s the place to be!

The Solution

With Beresford Lounge, people can look forward to finding a place for affordable luxury as well as glamorous, fun experiences they can share. This will be supported by creative talent that can thrive and have space to show off, letting everyone know that Beresford Lounge is the place to be for culture and history.

Marketing and Sales Strategy

Beresford Lounge has a growing social media following with 15.3k followers on Instagram. Beresford Lounge is thriving with 100 memberships sold already, with upcoming influencer features. Members include Brit Award Winner and Grammy Nominee, Lewis Capaldi as well as 3-time Brit Award Nominee, Paolo Nutini.


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