As Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to develop and becomes more adept at understanding humans, the ability for companies to deliver targeted and insightful marketing campaigns also increases.


In these days of the digital-consumer environment, consumers have incredibly high expectations for companies to deliver a personalized experience.


As a result, companies must improve customer interactions, deliver on the new consumer demands, or risk losing their competitors and becoming irrelevant in a digitalized world.


What is AI Marketing?


Artificial intelligence (AI) marketing uses AI tools such as data models, algorithms, and machine learning to provide customer insights that marketers can use to optimize expenditure, tailor content, and personalize the customer journey.


This type of marketing aims to understand customer behaviour. AI marketing entails the use of technology that collects data to predict clients’ next moves.


Benefits of AI Marketing to Your Business


AI marketing has numerous advantages, and companies are turning to this marketing method to expand their businesses.


Here are some of its benefits.


Minimise errors


Employing AI in your startup helps achieve error-free results, as most of the work is done by intelligent machines that can analyse and solve massive amounts of data.


Saves time


Artificial intelligence can help save time by working alongside and assisting engineers. It can replace superfluous labour, allowing you to save money in ways that weren’t feasible before this technology.


Minimise expenses


You can save much more money by using AI.


With AI, some tasks are completed in a shorter amount of time, and the necessity for employees is decreased. As a result, employee costs are reduced.


You may now focus on different areas without wasting money because you know your clients’ wants due to AI marketing.


5 Ways AI Marketing Can Help Your Startups To Scale:


1. Customer Experience


The way you handle your customers will have a significant impact on your business’s success.


Companies that provide prompt and convenient customer service have a competitive advantage over their competitors.


Thankfully, AI technology helps you in providing an excellent customer experience.





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Chatbots are computer programs that simulate and process human conversation (written or spoken), allowing people to connect with digital devices as if they were speaking with a real person.


Chatbots play a more significant role than ever before, providing marketers with customer care services that boost engagement, save expenses, and increase sales.


It assists online stores in providing 24/7 customer care, providing real-time responses to basic questions, creating original content for emails, tracking user behaviour, and making product recommendations.


Chatbots keep learning based on the information you provide.


When a consumer interacts with a chatbot, the chatbot maps the customer’s query with all possible responses and responds accordingly.


With chatbots, your team can efficiently solve the issues that matter to your startup growth.


Even companies like SpotifyPizza Hut and Starbucks use an AI chatbot for their Facebook Messenger to take complex orders from customers.


And according to FME, AI-powered chatbots will become mainstream by 2022, helping online businesses save $8 billion worth of management costs.


User experience and personalisation


When clients visit your website or shop online, they want customisation.  And with the help of AI, you can provide it to them.


Customers can use fingerprints or face recognition to place orders or access devices. In addition, you can use AI to create a more engaged and personalised client experience.


Voice search and virtual assistants



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Voice search and virtual assistants are radically changing the way customers search.


Businesses see this as an opportunity to engage and interact with customers, to make their experiences hassle-free and straightforward.


Communicating with devices using their voice without pressing a button leads and is constantly available, gives users instant pleasure and makes their lives easier.


Meanwhile, AI virtual assistants also assist in ensuring a flawless end-to-end customer experience, allowing your customers to feel more connected to your startup.


2. Marketing Distribution


AI is a massive help in improving the accuracy of your marketing operations.


Most AI algorithms choose the target customer’s areas of interest based on user habits, purchasing behaviours, and interactional patterns before presenting them with suitable recommendations.


AI increases the likelihood of conversions by delivering selective content to your customer’s search log.


Content Curation 


Content curation is all about finding high-quality photos and other relevant material from other sources and marketing it to help develop your authority and engagement.


Curation, like content creation, can be automated with artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Search Optimisation


AI helps you improve your SEO strategy by identifying related keywords, competitive analysis, and search intent research opportunities.


Its algorithms and its speed can help you speed up the process and improve keyword research accuracy. It can assist you in deciphering visitor intent and determining the best keywords to benefit your startup.


3. Data Security


AI, when properly integrated, can improve an organisation’s data quality and privacy.


Nowadays, we see a lot of data breaches, cyber-attacks, and other security issues. Many firms have been criticised throughout the years for their workers’ incapacity to protect company and customer data.


The use of AI can assist in preventing security issues by learning and adapting to the company’s cybersecurity requirements.


AI can also detect the unusual activity of users on your website, evaluate past data, and predict an attack before it takes place.


4. Marketing Analytics


Predictive Analytics


One of the most significant advantages of AI is its ability to estimate revenues and predict client behaviour. AI combines data mining, statistics, and sales modelling to anticipate future results for online businesses using predictive analytics.


Predictive analysis has enabled online entrepreneurs to score leads with more significant maturation, nurture their campaigns using demographics and behavioural data, and enhance their bottom lines with upselling and cross-selling, all while detailed research on customer preferences.


Data-driven Decisions


AI uses knowledge to efficiently handle tasks and make predictions, suggestions, and decisions that generally require human effort and brainpower.


AI tools can collect information on potential customers, such as their favourite items, when they prefer to post on social media, how they use their social media accounts, and even what type of content they engage with.


After analysing these insights can determine which marketing message is more likely to resonate with your target audience.


Netflix, one of the world’s largest media companies, employs AI to recommend video material to its customers. An AI recommender accounts for 80% of what is watched on Netflix.



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Social Media Analytics


AI technologies can analyse client-customer interactions and generate responses, allowing you to set marketing goals based on real-time social media findings.


5. Content Creation


AI is being used in some way or another to reach, convert, and engage customers, whether it’s AI-generated content or predictive analytics.


More and more content marketing companies invest in AI-based content solutions because of their competitive advantage and enhanced marketing ROI.


AI helps speed up your content development, making the process of developing an effective content marketing strategy quick and straightforward.


Create hyper-personalised and targeted content


Personally, relevant material has a beneficial impact on how customers perceive a company, and providing personalised and targeted content is one of the top objectives for today’s creatives.


Content personalisation is now possible, thanks to recent advances in AI.


You can now use AI to track customer behaviour, preferences, and interactions with content, allowing them to focus on personalised engagement with your customers.


Offers topic inspiration


Most content marketers struggle to find interesting topics to captivate their readers regularly.


Fortunately, AI may assist in finding interesting topics for your startup blog.


AI uses predictive analytics to predict client behaviours and thoughts about a particular issue. It also conducts competitive research to see whether the topic is worth pursuing and provides the highest ROI.




Today, AI is more accessible than ever before, and its applications in any industry are numerous.


So, it’s time to think about how AI can improve your startup if you haven’t thought about it before.


As a startup, implementing cutting-edge AI solutions will help you realise your full potential and may provide you with a much-needed advantage over your competitors.


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