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Here at HelloHub, we want to provide venues opportunities to boost engagement with customers. With our in-venue social engagement SaaS platform, venues have access to a tool that merges the physical and digital world to seamlessly bring people together.

Investment Highlights

With an investment of £1.5M, a seed investor can expect an exit in the range of 7-12x of their original capital invested in the third year.

Traction and Validation

We expect strong revenue growth with Gold customers by year 3.


From a projected 280 active venue count in the first year, we look to gain at least 3000 active venues by the third year, with more of those venues held by Gold subscribers.

The Problem

The pandemic has introduced a problem where venues are relying on digital tools to communicate with visitors. Therefore, venues must adapt and offer a complimentary digital experience to improve guest experiences. It’s been proven that a social connection is key and that millennials most especially want to feel a sense of belonging and community.


Target Market and Opportunity

HelloHub looks to take this huge opportunity to provide venues marketing channels for brands that want to target the millennial population. With market opportunities in the UK being hotels, hostels, restaurants, and pubs, HelloHub is in a position to define a new product category for in-venue communication tools.


The Solution

HelloHub provides venues with a sort of “digital front door” and brands with a unique marketing channel. It allows for customer engagement for venues, social interactions, and a marketing channel for brands.

Business Model

We offer three types of subscription based on venue owners’ size and need:


The Basic Plan provides the bare necessities.


The Gold Plan offers more premium features.


The Custom Plan offers custom features for those looking for something specific in large scale events.

Marketing and Sales Strategy

HelloHub has already validated a product market fit with high user engagement and a willingness to pay from venues. As of the moment, we are focusing on our user experience and unlocking the applications true growth potential. For example, we’ve developed a stronger online presence and deployed pre-seed capital towards S&M initiatives.


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