The Ultimate Startup:

Funding Guide for Women & Minority Groups

Starting a new business takes funds. Without enough funds, businesses struggle to make needed investments in talent, equipment, and marketing. That’s why most businesses need outside funding, but securing it can be challenging, especially for women and startup founders from minority groups.


Download this eBook by filling out the form on the right side to learn everything you need to know about startup funding for women and minority groups, such as its current state, where to find startup funding sources, and how to apply for one.


In this The Ultimate Startup Funding Guide for Women & Minority Groups eBook you’ll learn:

What is the Current State of Women and Minority Businesses?

Why Aren’t Startups Founded by Women Getting More Funding?

Bridging the Funding Gap.

Limited Resources

Startup Funding Sources for Women and Minority Businesses.

How to Apply for Women and Minority Business Funds.

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