About Us

Sellers With A Story is the one location to find a thoughtful story behind every item. Our platform saves you the hassle of searching for authentic and hard-to-find independent brands. We are huge believers in the “buy less, buy better” movement, and it is our job to showcase their beautiful stories on one platform.


We are advocates of responsible (conscious) consumption, and we have high standards on how we partner with our brands. Every designer, maker, artisan and creator has to showcase style, authenticity and a heart-warming spirit.

Investment Highlights

We’ve reached milestones with £3000 in transaction volume as well as 350+ email sign-ups.

We expect to hit more within the next 12-18 months with only a forecasted (future) monthly cash burn of £10,000 to £12,500.

Our business model of zero inventory and stock risk makes us the ideal choice for UK brands.

The Problem

Transactional E-commerce: interviews (200+) and customer feedback – 75%+ want “more story” behind what they buy.

Search Costs: it takes far too long to uncover stylish and unique gifts (e.g. for young professionals, executives, etc.).

Conscious Consumption: 80%+ of UK consumers are “consciously modifying” their consumer purchase behaviour.


Target Market and Opportunity

Our target market is mostly young earners in the UK. We offer an “all in one” marketplace rarely seen right now. This appeals to many Gen Z and millennials who represent at least 50% of the market by 2025.


The Solution

With our marketplace, we aim to be the one location to and shop for fascinating stories behind every item. The idea is to have emerging brands have a strong emotional resonance with the consumer. We want style and quality to match with today’s social and conscious practices.

Business Model


Our business model will focus on local brands that need help, brands that will want to have their stories told.


Smaller brands (i.e. niche) – focus on local brands who need and will pay to have stories told.


Online experiential retail – rich content (videography to tell stories, concierge-like response, etc.).

Marketing and Sales Strategy

We have a wide variety of options when it comes to marketing. We start with partnerships, influencers, and affiliates. We work on revenue share agreements with them as well as organic social media efforts. We also plan on email marketing with rich content, as it has proven to be a good strategy for attracting consumers.


Do You Have A Question? If you need any more info, you can contact the entrepreneur directly.


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