Amino is a mission-driven digital nutrition brand looking to expose the unique healing power of amino acids to the $350B global health & wellness market. 


Nutrition plays a large role in human health & performance. Protein supplements are the dominant product in the nutrition category, experiencing rapid growth projected to reach $43B in 2030 (8.5% CAGR).


 Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and are a superior technology to protein supplements because they can be customised for targeted delivery & unique effects. Amino acids are more advanced technology and can disrupt/evolve a large section of this space. We want to be the brand to own this with consciously built products (plant-based / low sugar / ESG) and an impactful brand. 


Amino will capitalise on the timing of this opportunity and the rapid growth in this space. We want to join Gymshark & Huel to drive the evolution of the ever-growing global fitness & wellness trend.

Amino.hero image





  • £27,000 monthly revenue run rate (12% MOM average growth rate) 
  • 10,000+ units sold & cumulative 1000+ 5-star reviews 
  • Profits in 2023 
  • Traction established with only 2 full-time staff 
  • DTC business model (50%+ margins) with the option to bolt on high-margin membership / SAAS tools (90%+ margin) 
  • Increasing ad spend by 10% per month minimum to reach £100K MOM run rate waypoint (18-24 months) 
  • Positive & growing CAC/LTV & TROAS metrics 
  • Room to expand margin (>70%+) with vertically integrated manufacturing & econ. of scale 
  • Looking to expand product ranges (10+) and geographies (UK, USA & Europe)

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