TORC (Transportation Optimization Research Company) Electric Vehicle Ltd is a high energy motor vehicle company that design and distributer’s custom-built, high quality, eco-friendly electric forms of transportation. We specialise in “Optimizing New Innovations” within the motor vehicle industry by combining modern technologies and advances in electrical engineering with our knowledge of motorsports to produce high-performance vehicles.

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  • The TORC brand has been sponsored by global companies such as Pepsi, PSA Group, Monster Energy and Molson Coors.
  • TORC has partnered with major sports organisations to showcase and use athlete and staff mobility due to their modern appearance, build quality, clean energy, and sustainability.
  • We have received dealership enquiries from companies in the UK, Michigan, Toronto, India, Romania and the Caribbean.
  • TORC TV YouTube channel has 940 subscribers and increasing daily, our product advertisements have over 100 thousand combined views, and our website traffic is steadily climbing.

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